Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to Milan!

We arrived bright and early at MXP, so early that our flight couldn't get to tit's gate.  No idea why this makes a difference but it's Italy so I don't really give it much thought.  We get all our luggage!  And Michele goes to get our car while I wait with our 4 checked bag and 4 carry-ons.  Flying business class has it's draw backs.  Wait, no it doesn't.  After nearly a hour Michele texts me that he's out side.  I make my way out, navigate the over flowing luggage cart to the cross walk.  I manage to get across the street and am turning up the ramp when.  Thud!  The luggage cart tumbles over in slow motion.  Michele is running towards me but alas half the luggage falls of.  We pick it up and hurry over to load up the car.  Have I mentioned it is freezing cold and everything is covered in a beautiful, cold layer of ice.  Everything, the trees, the cars and the roads.

We take the nearly hour long drive very slowly because they don't really salt or sand here and plowing, forget about it.  Finally we arrive home.  Get all our luggage in and collapse in our bed.  We're 12 hours off our sleep schedule, but Hawaii was totally worth it.  Thank goodness we have tomorrow off as well!

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