Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend in Verona

March 9, 2012
We headed to Verona at around 3pm.  Along the way we saw a fire in what looked like a factory.  We got to the center of Verona, but the GPS wanted us to drive through a piazza that was closed to car (and always is).  So after circling the area a few times we got lollipopped!  And thus ended up getting ticketed, we though at first it would Meek’s lack of driver’s license but in the end it was the inspection, that had not been done in 9 years!  Meek pleaded with the cop told him why we were here for the weekend but nothing made a difference.  We got hit with a 300 Euro ticket and if we didn’t get the inspection done and were “caught” again it would be a 3,000 Euro fine.  The cop did help us get to our hotel though.  After arriving at our hotel just steps away from the heart of Verona we made arrangements to have an inspection done in the morning at it was now too late to make it an inspection center.  We checked into our room and headed out to find some dinner.  After a wonderful dinner with some serious conversations about the future we walked around a little before we headed back to our room to get some much needed rest.

March 10, 2012
After a lovely breakfast in our hotel we headed out to get the inspection done.  It only took a few minutes to drive there.  They however failed us, for the wrong tires.  Mind you we just bought these new tires and the only difference was one letter.  The inspection guy didn’t want to give us a pass or a fail.  We pleaded for the fail; in the end he did give it to us.  This however means we will have to come back to Verona once we get the right tires and redo the inspection.  We got back to the hotel and parked the car then went for a walk around Verona in hopes of shaking the rough week we’d just had.  It took quite a few hours but by lunchtime I was starting to come around.  We ate another delicious meal, and then decided to do what Italians do and take a nap.  After our nap we checked out a few stores but neither of us felt much like shopping.  So we walked around a lot more then had some dinner, then went back to the room.  From our window we could hear/see some commotion down the street.  There appeared to be a parade but given how cold it was tonight we decided not to bother checking in out.

March 11, 2012
We got up had some breakfast, while Meek showered and shaved I went for walk, it was peaceful and quite this early in the morning.  Last night we’d walked past a bakery and I’d planned to get some bretzel to take home with us, but sadly when I got there this morning they had not made the bretzel yet.  I made my way back to the hotel, got Meek and we checked out and went home.

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