Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love-sagana time

Valentine's Day and the fourth annual love-sagana day!  During our first year together Michele and I decided we would not exchange gifts but instead cook for each other.  Michele made lasagna and cut out hear shaped pieces of pasta to put on the top thus creating the first annual love-sagana.

This year we invited a few friends to join us.  Michael, Doug and Harriette.  Michele made the lasagna from scratch on Saturday and we cooked it up on Tuesday night.  It was best lasagna yet!  Think and delicious and the homemade sauce was amazing.  Doug made a lemon meringue pie, he'd had quite a challenge give my chocolate allergies and Michael's dairy allergies.  But Doug out did himself his pie was amazing.  We had a wonderful dinner with great friends and were even able to share some of our wedding photos with them.

Our table ready for guests.

2012 Love-sagana

Doug's Lemon meringue pie

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