Sunday, May 20, 2012


            At 4AM I was jolted awake by a 5.9 earthquake! My eyes popped open and I felt as though the walls were going to fold in upon me.  Since Meek had fallen asleep on the sofa, I practically jumped out of bed because of the shaking and lack of his presence!  I walked easily to the doorway where Meek arrived seconds later.  Hugged me and we realized this was for real.
            It probably last 10-15 second, a lifetime when you’re scared. After the walls stopped shaking Meek walk around the apartment to see that things were okay.  And to inspect a clanging sound, which was the pipes in our walls banging into each other. Nothing fell or really even moved! Finally the  clanging pipes stopped and we went back to bed; tried to fall back to sleep.  I was way to keyed up so I tossed and turned for over an hour before finally relaxing enough to get back to sleep.

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