Friday, August 24, 2012

Outlaws...I mean Inlaws

August brought both sets of parents across the pond for a visit as well as Lico and Stephanie.  First Meek's parents came for just shy of week.  It was a crazy busy week as we took them all over: Milan, Como, Monza, Modena.  Then Lico and Stephanie were in Venice for the weekend so we headed over there to meet up with them.  Finally my mom arrived for a week.  It made the last few weeks of summer vacation simply fly by.  Here are some photos of their visits.

Lake Como.

Vinegar tour in Modena

Meek and his tasting some amazing vinegar.

Delicious white vinegar.

They even have a line of sparkling red wine.
View of the shed where the vinegar is kept to age for many, many years.

Grapes that will in many years become some amazing vinegar.

Around Modena.


Mini Duomo in Monza.

What a surprise we get to Venice and it rains!

Next day, it was hot a sunny in Venice.


Us, with Stephanie and Lico right behind.  On a boat over to Burano.
Walking around Venice.

Making fresh sauce for my mom!

In Burano with my mom.
Beautiful Burano.
We feel so blessed to have had Meek's parents and my mom come, visit and stay with us this summer.  It's not like we are within driving distance, so their willingness to fly over here just to see us means a lot!

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