Monday, July 30, 2012


Earlier this year we decided to take a trip to Croatia.  We'd heard great things about it and after doing a little research we learned that next summer it is slated to join the EU, meaning they'd switch to Euro and their prices would sky rocket.  I did some research and found a few companies that did boat trips along the coast.  We inquired about one but it was sold out for the one week we could go.  We ended up opting for another trip by the same company.  Big mistake!

Don't get me wrong, Croatia is beautiful and the people we met we wonderful, but the boat we ended up on was terrible! Add to that we got the one week of the summer with terrible weather, shocker since it rained nearly the entire time we were in London and Paris why wouldn't it rain in Croatia too?  That made for rough seas and forced the boat to go in a reverse route, which lead to docking complications at the end of the week when we arrived at one of our stops there was no room for our little boat so we had to go dock the boat at a remote town with very little in it.   Long story short we liked Croatia but the boat trip was terrible and we'd never do one like it again.

Day one, setting sail.  Excited for our week at sea!

The dark, stormy clouds quickly began to roll in.

Delicious sea food for dinner, the first night.

During dinner the rain began to fall.
Amazing white peppers, these were in every salad we ate, delicious!

Second Island we got stuck here for 2 nights because of the bora winds.  The surf was kicking up quite a bit at this beach the first day.

We went in, the water was warm, but the surf was too dangerous to really get in.
Meek going in for a quite dip.

We even found a Val's on this island.

That tiny speck in the water is actually a dolphin.

On the boat, weather finally clearing.

Just kidding, more rain that night.  Here is a huge solar compass.

Old church on some island, a slight break in the rain.

One night, on some island.
Swimming stop.  Funny, if we needed the one life raft, we wouldn't be able to use it.  But at least the recycling would be safe.

Watching the little fish swarm as we tossed bread into the water.

Near the end of our trip, the storms were finally gone and it was hot and sunny.  The way summer should be!
Yes, this really was our boat.

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