Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vacation Starts for Michele

After Meek's classes were all done we went to another part of London to stay at a Marriott, thanks to my older Brother Adam who works for them. We got a great deal on the hotel, the only down side was how far outside London it actually was. We were both every happy with hotel itself, disappointed that there was not shuttle to the local train station so we had to take a taxi to and from.
We had afternoon tea after arriving at our hotel.  I typically do not put milk in my tea but I figured I'd do the British thing.

What we ordered was called tea for two: more like tea for five or six, way more food then we could eat.

The next morning after we arrived in downtown London we grabbed som coffee (boy do I miss real coffee)

As we passed Parliment there was a procession of soldiers, no clue why.

Our first stop of hte day was the Churchill War Rooms

This is the actual location where Churchill worked underground during WWII

Inside the War Rooms

Churchill liked stuffed animals.

This was one of his childhood report cards, if I wrote comments like these today I'd be fired.

Meek looks at a replica of Churchill's home

Westminster Abby, we didn't go in because unlike Catholic Churches it was not free!

Next stop Buckingham Palace.  The guards are now inside the gates thanks I think to crazy American Tourists.

We ate a delicious lunch at Sticky Fingers.
Meek being sneeky with photos

Tower Bridge not to be confused with London Bridge (which is not worth taking a picture of)

More Rings!

Stealing a kiss on the bridge.

Loving London!

London Tower

Tower Bridge

Meek looking at London Bridge (not shown in this photo)

Neat looking old stuff.

Shakespear's theater.

Took my husband to see my favorite musical of all time.

It's been about 10 years maybe more since the last time I saw it.

Not sure if things have changed on Broadway but over here we had to pay for the playbill!

I cried no less then 3 times I have never cried while watching this muscial before!

Our last stop of this trip was to check out the Olympic Park since it was kind of near our hotel.

Car on the building

The closest I could get to the real deal.

As close as we could get to the Olympic Park.

Next stop Paris!

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