Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paris Part 2

We decided we would climb the Eiffel tower as one of the thing we would do.  Little did we know that we would end up spending nearly an entire day waiting in line.  Over four hours standing in line.  The French could learn a few things about cuing from the British.  I was appalled by the number of people cutting the line.  It's really sad that some people have so little self respect not to mention the people teaching their children to do it.  After many hours of waiting we did eventually make it to the front of the line and up the lift into the tower.
Waiting for the bus to take us to the Eiffel tower.

Due to heavy traffic it took over an hour to get to the Eiffel tower.

Waiting in line.

Still waiting...

After over 4 hours we finally go to the front of the line!

Waiting for the elevator

No we did not walk I was feeling too lazy.

Up we go!

The isn't all the way up.  We did buy tickets to go all the way up but we opted not to for two reasons.  One Sarah's anxiety over heights and two there was a crazy line to go the rest of the way up.
Anxiety in full effect for Sarah

Looking up...
Looking out...
The two of us :-)
 The next morning we got up early to get to the Louvre.  Meek isn't really a museum person but he went because I really wanted to.  In fact I have wanted to come here since I was in high school.
Meek eager about going to the museum

We thought we would be early, oops so did everyone else.
Waiting in line, this line took only about an hour!

Sarah waiting in line to go into the Louvre.

Finally inside!

We got our tickets, used the restrooms and set out to see a handful of specific pieces.
We started with the Venus de Milo, I uploaded this photo to show just how many people flocked to see her.

Later we went to see Vermeer's The Lacemaker.  Not a large of a crowd here.

Later still we saw the Winged Victory of Samothrace (aka Nike of Samothrace).

She lost one of her hands, but it was over here.

I don't think I need to say what painting all of these people are waiting to see.

I went into the gift shop and this display reminded me of Egypt (only way over priced).

The inverted pyramid on the way out.

Our last stop before leaving Paris was this little import shop next to our hotel.  He we bought, Bisquick, fluff, Kraft Mac n Cheese and Cinnamon Toast Crunch to take back to Milan with us!

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  1. Thanks Giving! I cannot tell you how many times I referred people to that place for American food for the 4th of July or thanksgiving. Cool to see an image of it.