Sunday, April 29, 2012

Angelo's Birthday

Our friend Peggy, decided to throw a birthday celebration for her husband Angelo.  It was on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, it had been raining all week so it was great that the weather cooperated.  It was at this adorable little place in the village of Quintosole between Opera and Milan.  If you blink while driving toward Milan you'd miss it completely.  There was such a spread of food, I cannot believe I failed to take pictures of it all.
As a wedding gift Peggy and Angelo gave us 2 gift certificate (not a simple task here in Italy) to 2 for their favorite restaurants.  One is this place, we're very excited to come back and enjoy a delicious meal here. Now if it would just stop raining for more than a day at a time we might get there.
Talk about a grill pit!

Angelo thanking all of his guests for coming out today.

Trying to do it in Italian as well :)

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